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Profit Talks

Real Talk. Real Solutions.

A 5-part virtual series created to bring the industry together in solidarity, with real talk, real solutions. Our comeback story will be brought to life through a mash-up of data and panel discussion centered on revenue generation and cost control by department, customer acquisition and brand strategy and their impact on the bottom line. 

Profit Talks is brought to you by HotStats, the global leader in monthly hotel P&L market intelligence.

Wednesday, 31 March

Profit Matters

HotStats’ annual profit performance tracker dives into the trends and data that drove the global hotel industry in 2020. What it meant and what it means for the future will be the focus for this relevant and important review.


Tuesday, 04 May

Revenue Revival

Trends and tips to generate revenue, from the Rooms department and beyond, when demand is down, but on the rebound.


Thursday, 24 June

Examining Expense

Cost management is more vital than ever before. How hoteliers are restructuring expense—variable and fixed—in the operated and undistributed departments.


Wednesday, 11 August

Food for Thought

Why food and beverage structures are changing—from full-service to select-service—and what it means from a profit margin perspective. 


Tuesday, 05 October

Channeling Business

Though leisure travel has helped cushion the blow, there is worry that business travel may never be back to pre-pandemic volumes. How segmentation will impact the bottom line and addressing the cost of customer acquisition. 



In Collaboration with HotStats

What gets measured gets managed. That is at the core of HotStats, a global monthly profit and loss data benchmarking company, which offers more than 500 key performance indicators covering revenue, expense, profitability and other statistics across the first nine schedules of the 11th edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) down to gross operating profit.

The company provides internal and external benchmarking and market reporting that goes well beyond the top line and drives down into what matters: profitability. Using the HotStats platform allows members to target areas of underperformance and implement strategies and tactics to close gaps.

The HotStats database is comprised of individual hotel profit and loss statements of more than 6,500 hotels worldwide, totaling more than 1 million rooms.